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The Messi Family

No, this is not a family who makes a mess and doesn't clean up after themselves. This is the Lionel Messi family, as in the parents and girlfriend (Antonella Roccuzzo) of the Barcelona and Argentina star. This is the mother and father and girlfriend of the greatest footballer in the world.

This is royalty in many ways. And yes they look a little glum considering Messi just received the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year award for the third straight year in a row. I guess it gets a little stale when Messi keeps winning everything and they have to keep posing for photographs. Perhaps they'll be happy when Messi wins the World Cup for Argentina. Let's hope he does before he retires from the game.

Getty Images

And here's Messi and his son, Thiago, who I'm sure every team in the world is trying to sign but he'll surely play for Barcelona.

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