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Lateral Control Drill

Field size: 15 yards by 15 yards

Number of players: full team in pairs

Age range: 10-12

Description: Two players stand about fifteen yards away from one another.  One player stands to the right of a small goal about five yards wide, which is a set of cones.  Player moves into the set of cones/goal to receive the ball and then controls it out of the goal area before they pass it back to their partner. 

Player moves into the goal to receive the pass, and then controls the ball with the inside or outside of the foot outside the goal area and then passes back to his or her partner.  The key is to push the ball far enough outside of the goal area to make the next pass but not too far so a defender could win the ball in a real game.  The player doesn’t need to push the ball through the cones/goal but rather outside of the cones.  The player doesn't trap and pass the ball back within the cones/goal area, rather, controls the ball outside the cone area and then makes the pass.

The cones/goal is more of a reference point so the player works on controlling the ball not right under their feet but out and way from their feet so it’s easier to make the next pass. The focus of this drill is working on a good first touch, where the player is trying to set them selves up for the next pass and not kill the ball right underneath themselves.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

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