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Watch and Learn: Soccer Videos & Highlight Clips

You may not be able to go and see every game in the world live, but thanks to the Internet, you can still see the pros in action. An added benefit is that you can replay video footage as many times as you want, analyzing their moves and strategies so you can imitate the best of the best.  Want to master the Cristiano Ronaldo free kick? Just follow the steps and watch the video.

If you're looking for soccer coaching or soccer training DVDs, here are the top five soccer skills DVDs.

Featured Video: Zidane Volley

Zinedine Zidane game winning volley in the Champions League Final in 2002 versus Bayer Leverkusen.  Is this perhaps the greatest soccer goal of all time? Yes, I think so.

Watch videos of soccer tricks, goals, passes, and more from the range of categories below. If there's an amazing soccer video that we're missing, please send it our way. Take a look at some of these clips and see how the game is played at the hightest level.

Featured Video - Eric Cantona's Top Ten Goals

If there's one player from the past you need to watch play it's Eric Cantona. In his relatively short time at Manchester United he did some amazing things on the soccer field


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See videos of the top soccer stars playing today and from the past. Highlight clips of Beckham, Henry, Ronaldinho, Cantona, and Maradona. Then see videos of the new Maradona, a young player called Messi. Celebrate along side Robbie Keane or master Beckham's free kicks or mimic the great skills of Cristiano Ronaldo. And don't forget about Maxi Rodriguez's great goal against Mexico or Clint Dempsey's clinical finish in the World Cup. If there's an amazing soccer video we're missing, please let us know.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Bicycle Kick

If you haven't seen it, you must watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick versus England. Check out how far out he is from the goal. England's goalkeeper Joe Hart comes out to head the ball away but doesn't get enough on it and Ibrahimovic turns and bikes the ball into the open net. Just an amazing goal - up there with one of the greatest goals ever scored.


Watch more highlight videos - click here.

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