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How to Play Like Wesley Sneijder

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

Wesley Sneijder is a player who is always running, always tackling, always passing, always trying to get invovled in the game. He's full of energy.

In a way, Sneijder was brushed aside by Real Madrid, traded off to Inter Milan like he wasn't a world class player. An so the following year, with his new team, what did he do? He just won the Serie A and the Champions League and nearly the World Cup for the first time for Holland.

It was like now I'm going to show you what you're missing. You never should have traded me.

Sneijder is a quick, darting player that's hard for opposing teams to contain. Again, he's always moving and involved in the play. Whether that's playing a quick one two and taking a shot or swinging the ball to the other side of the field and making an overlap. He plays the game with a lot of energy and wants to be part of the action.

And Sneijder can spin away from pressure and hammer the ball into the net when he wants to.


Keys to playing like Sneijder:

  • Equally good with both his left and right feet
  • Fitness level is incredible, can run from box to box, gets into attack and alsow defends
  • Plays quick one and two touch soccer
  • Shields the ball and holds off other players despite his small size
  • Sees the field and delivers the killer pass
  • Free kick specialist

Something that stands out though about Sneijder is his ability to play with both feet. Yes, surprisingly enough many top players in the game of soccer would rather play with their favored right or left foot. Sneijder though doesn't care, he is equally good with his right and left. And this comes in handy when you're trying to score or pass the ball. There's no need to try to set yourself up on your favored foot.

Take a look at this Sneijder passing compilation video below.

Here the free-kick specialist Wesley Sneijder walks through his individual technique for striking lethal free-kicks, assisted by his Nike Total 90 Laser II football boots. His main advice, repitition, keeping taking free kicks until you have mastered it.

In the end though Sneijder is a player who wants to win. His desire to help his team is immense. He's the type of player you want on your team because he won't quit.

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