Everyone knows the drill here, there's no need for a big introduction. I sometimes spend hours on youtube watching various football clips. It's highly addictive, but it's exactly what the doctor ordered now that the season's over (the world cup will make up for that a little). But anyways, here's a few of my favourites, be sure to post some of your own also.

I thought I'd start off with a clip of one of my favourite goals from one of my favourite players. I'm sure a few more goals from this Italian genius will pop up later.

And low and behold, here he is again! I'm no expert in reading lips, but I'm pretty sure he mouths the words "mumma mia!" during his celebration. Haha! So disgustingly italian in all it's glory.

Last but not least, we have this wonderful team goal by none other than West Ham United. Sorry about the obvious bias in this thread, but hey, it's not as if we win much. So I like to make of the most of it when we do. ;D