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With all the talk about Wayne Rooney leaving Manchester United, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez has just gone about his business scoring big goals for United. So, we thought it made sense to have a contest where we give away one of Chicharito's #14 jerseys away.

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It’s simple really, just sign up for our soccer forum, fill out the fields for favorite team, favorite player, and then your location, and tell us why you deserve the Chicharito (The Little Pea) jersey. I'm guessing we'll have quite a few new forum members whose favorite player is Chicharito.

Here are the steps again:

Step 1 Register for our forum here

Step 2 Fill in the fields for your favorite team, player and then your location

Step 3 Tell us why you deserve the jersey below this post.

Extra credit: Post the contest link on your Facebook profile:
Win Chicharito Manchester United Jersey

Chicharito has already captured the heart of Manchester United fans. His knack for scoring goals and his charm is already making him a popular player at the Theatre of Dreams.

Join him on English Premier League weekends with this official Nike Chicharito jersey. It also features the official Manchester United team crest, and official 'AON' sponsor logo. The name and number are the authentic lettering used by the players on the field. You can even add the EPL patch, too!

This is your chance to win the hottest Manchester United jersey on the market! In many stores, the Chicharito jersey has been selling out as soon as they come in.

Note: We are restricting this contest to the continental United States. We will only ship the jersey to an address within the U.S.

This contest will run through the end of November.

Check back regularly for a chance to win more soccer gear when we have other contests!

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  1. MUhooligan10 -
    MUhooligan10's Avatar
    I've collected Manchester United shirts since my father got me started when I was 5 years old. He was the one that got me to start playing soccer and ever since then, I've been going strong with him right behind me supporting me all the way. I'm now playing professional indoor soccer and he's been to every game with the biggest smile on his face.

    I think I deserve this jersey because Christmas is coming up soon and I couldn't think of a better gift to my dad than a Man U jersey bearing the name of his new favorite player. He's had such a big part in my soccer career and I would love to give him this jersey. Please, send me this jersey so I can put a huge smile on his face this winter

    Also, if I do win this jersey I'll donate the dollar amount of the jersey to a local sports charity!
  2. Min-Seop -
    Min-Seop's Avatar
    I think that guy sounded pretty great. But I want it too!!
    Please send me a jersey. Because I'd like to have that jersey so badly.
  3. daniel -
    daniel's Avatar
    I am an avid soccer fan, and in the Premier League I follow Manchester United. I love watching soccer, and I collect jerseys from various leagues; such as the Italian Serie A, La Liga, German Bundesliga, MLS, etc. I would very much like a Chicharito jersey and support my favorite Premier League team. It is difficult to find European soccer jerseys in the United States because the majority of people support American football. Also, Chicharito is an inspiration to anyone wanting to play professional soccer is the prestigious Premier League. I would feel proud to wear his jersey.

  4. tonyspeed -
    tonyspeed's Avatar
    Manchester United is the greatest team in the universe. I support them when they are up. I support them when they are down. I support them in the fire, and when they rise from the ashes. Chicharito is the most inspirational player ever to touch the field at Old Trafford. He is the first Mexican to ever play for Manchester United, a milestone in itself. But more than that he is a example of hardwork and tenacity. Just a few years ago, he considered quiting football as he laboured in the reserves, not sure why he could not succeed. But rather than quiting, he persevered, plied his trade, and worked until he succeeded. Now rather than being a failure, he has become a prolific goal scorer and a hope for Manchester United's future despite the grim spectre of burdensome loans. Chivas, after losing to Internacional in the Copa regretted allowing him to go before the game; with him there, they suppose they would have won. And they are probably right. But how does one go from have little hope to being the hope of a team and a nation? Chicharito is the symbol, the beacon, of perseverance and I would love to have that jersey.
  5. iluvmanu -
    iluvmanu's Avatar
    I am a huge fan of the young talented Chicharito, the first player in history of the club to be from my country, Mexico and being able to play in my favorite team Manchester United!! I could never afford to buy a jersey so this would be perfect and also a great birthday gift.
    Good luck to everyone and Glory glory Man united.
  6. simasu01 -
    simasu01's Avatar
    I represent Villa Park in Trenton, NJ. We play against other local parks and teams from surrounding areas all the time. Some of our players are Mexican, and one of my good friends is a huge fan of both Manchester United and Chivas. He has known of and followed Chicharito much before he became famous. If I win the shirt, then he will be the man I give the shirt to.
  7. Devin Davis -
    Devin Davis's Avatar
    Chicharito is my home-boy!! so give me his shirt... that is all.
  8. Berba85 -
    Berba85's Avatar
    Chicha-bomb... I want that t-shirt so bad )))
  9. moles14 -
    moles14's Avatar
    I have been a Manchester United Fan for a while now. I have been influenced by my older brothers to follow their favorite club. We even have our own Soccer traditions that we follow. For example, we get together to watch the champions league final at a local soccer pub. Not only are we large Manchester United Fans but we are also big Mexico fans. It's great having a player that is Mexican who plays for my favorite soccer team. We even made a special road trip to Houston this summer to watch Manchester United play. It was awesome because I was able to watch Chicharito score his first goal for Manchester United in front of a predominately proud Mexican crowd. I can't wait to see what he will do for Mexico and Manchester United in the future! Viva Mexico! and Glory Glory Man Utd I would also be proud and honored to wear his Jersey.
  10. ugalaura7 -
    ugalaura7's Avatar
    I've been an avid Manchester United fan for the past 5 years. Their style play and the history of the club has made me support them no matter if they're winning or losing. When I first read that Manchester United had signed Chicharito, I didn't really know anything about him, but after watching him play in his first few matches, I understood why Ferguson signed him. Chicharito shows an intense drive to score goals, to win, and to prove himself worthy of wearing a Manchester United shirt whenever he plays. He seems to truly understand what it means to wear a Manchester United jersey. I would proudly wear a Chicharito jersey in support of one of my favorite new Manchester United players.
  11. killwill -
    killwill's Avatar
    Everyone is going to say how they been a fan for years and I have been also anyone who knows English football either Loves United or hates them but i think i deserve the jersey becuase i was a big Rooney fan i have two Rooney shirts and now i hate him, i want him gone, and i plan on never wearing his shirt again so i need to replace it just like Chicharito is going to replace Rooney we have only gotten better with Rooney gone and i see no reason for him to come back into the first team and replace anybody so i want the jersey becuase Rooney is out and i never will wear his jersey again!!
  12. Ben Checketts -
    Ben Checketts's Avatar
    I have had several unique experiences in my life which have made me both a massive fan of Manchester United and of Chicharito. When I was younger I went to England to visit my sister and her husband who lived there for a few years. At this point I knew very little about soccer having played football and lacrosse my entire life. My brother-in law suggested that we go to a match and at first I resisted but eventually gave in. I fell deeply in love with the game as I watched the likes of Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand dominate the pitch and beat Chelsea handily. From that point on I have been a "convert" to the game of football and a devout disciple of Manchester United.

    My link to Chicharito is somewhat different as a few years ago I gave up time to serve the people of mexico. I lived with them and they taught me their about their language and culture. It was a life changing experience and though life was sometimes difficult I would not trade this time for the world. Perhaps the only thing that I could not share with my friends was their love for the Mexican national team. It was a group that I had been taught to hate and so I did for a long time. Javier is a fresh, new face with raw talent and a pure love for the game of football. I watched every game that he played this summer in the world cup and quickly became a fan. You can imagine my enthusiasm as my favorite team signed my favorite player. Truly, my link to Chicharito is a special one and that is why I think I deserve the jersey.
  13. hubievilla -
    hubievilla's Avatar
    I have many reason of why I deserve the Manchester Unite Chicharito jersey. Currently I am a soccer youngster, I am growing through experiences of the game. I am a rookie to soccer and I had just joined one of the bigger leagues in the game. This is just like Chicharito, as we play more games we obtain more experiences of the game and we become better at it. I see him as role model because i feel that we are similar in so many ways. As he plays more games it inspires me to play like him because he is so talented. So i think this is why i deserve this jersey.
  14. Sergio Lopez -
    Sergio Lopez's Avatar
    I would love to have this jersey because I consider myself a die-hard supporter of Chicharito and Manchester United. I've followed Javier Hernandez Balcazar's career from his rookie years playing for Chivas. My father is a native of Guadalajara and since birth Ive been instilled the red and white colors of Club Deportivo Guadalajara S.A. de C.V. I witnessed Chicharito's first goal in the Mexican League in 2006 against Club Necaxa on Telefutura; since then my dad and I expected great things to prosper for this young athlete. My dad remembered when Chicharito's father, Javier Hernandez Gutierrez, and grandfather, Thomas Balcazar, played for Tecos and Chivas, respectively. i remember when he still sported number 45 on his jersey and it read Hernandez on the bottom, he would later change to 25 before catapulting to success the number 14 and the nickname Chicharito. I became a Red Devil fan in 1997, prior to Manchester United winning the Treble in Europe the following year. I was a fan of the likes of Heinze, Van Nistelrooy, Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo, Keane, and now of Rooney, Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic, Fletcher, and CHICHARITO. I've spent the last years buying Man United and Chivas jerseys to demonstrate my support and fanaticism for the teams and the beauty of the sport. Last year I purchased Chicharito's Chivas home jersey and during the World Cup his Mexico Home jersey; i would love to own this jersey to add to my collection. Being a United and Chivas fan, as well as Chicharito's supporter, I would wear the jersey with pride during every match. The day Chivas announced the purchase of Chicharito by Man United was one that I will remember, as it marked in ink on the history pages of soccer the first Mexican to play for a grand team like Manchester United. The main reason I support Chicharito and his career is because of his work ethics and personality. He is of the few players that dedicate themselves to the sport to demonstrate their brilliance on the pitch. From what I've heard, he stays after training sessions to continue his adaption to the EPL; a true inspiration to any youth seeking to succeed. He is a player that fights until the final whistle is blown and a true team player. He may be ambitious, but has an ambition of a true striker to score and lead the team to victory. What more can I say, I have the utmost respect for him and would be proud to say I own a jersey with the name Chicharito. Plus I would like to wear this during my visit to Old Trafford next year.
  15. JC_10 -
    JC_10's Avatar
    I would love to have the manchester united jersey with chicharito on the back because im a big fan of him. Ive see him ever since he was in chivas, he was one of the players that came from the second division from chivas and the reason they brought him up was with all the hard work and all the ability he had to come to the first division of the mexican league. His first season wasnt that great when he came then in his second season is when he was on his game, scoring goals almost every game, being the lead scorer in the mexican league and from then manchester united wanted to buy him with both having a brilliant season with chivas and a good participation in the fifa world cup in south africa. From then when he debuted in his first match with manchester united and scoring a wonderful goal vs the mls all stars i saw that he was going to be a wonderful player, although if was with a new team he go use to the team fast and on his friendly matches playing with manchester have been great scoring on chelsea to win the FA Community Shield witch was his second champion after winning the cup against the mls all stars. Then barclays premier league was going to start and i knew chicharito was going to do it big this season and he has, demonstrating that he should play all 90 min and that you dont need rooney to do all the work because the have Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, witch has a lot of fans around the world with his hard work in manchester united. So i would love to have the jersey so i can add to my soccer jerseys, thank you.
  16. tshark -
    tshark's Avatar
    Well, I'm an ex-pro mountain biker turned Soccer player. Though I am a beginner in Soccer, I want to train as a striker and Mr. Javier Hernandez definitely possesses a playing style I wish to partly emulate. Having the Jersey or not will not make me stop playing or training any less but I do know that it will garner support and awareness for the truly Global Game here in Chicago.
  17. ibesaam -
    ibesaam's Avatar
    well see everyone is saying how they are United fans since forever which is fantastic glad to have so much support for the club, but see i am actually just a United supporter but a Stretford Ender and here is some photographic proof.Been a supporter all my life because my dad was before me. I wake up sometimes at 4 AM to watch matches and plan my weekend/life around United matches. Havent missed a match in over 4 years now. Did a study abroad program in the UK so I could make all the home matches and got a season pass.
    Plus when this contest is over its my birthday so what better way to say happy birthday than sending me a jersey for this years star striker?
    Updated 12-02-2010 at 12:10 PM by ibesaam
  18. Viet Lam -
    Viet Lam's Avatar
    I like Chicharito because he is good I want good like him !!!!!
    I want Chicharito score when he play on the field!!!!!
  19. Felipe Marquez -
    Felipe Marquez's Avatar
    Hi everybody i have been a fan of chicaritos ever sense i can remember, and all of my family also go for him not like me, i wake up every Sat/Sun whenever it is that Manchester plays to whatch him play, i watch him play in the barclays league and other cups too like champions league and the F.A cup, i have followed him sense he was like 18 yrs old, when he played in guadalajara, thank you
  20. noman13 -
    noman13's Avatar
    Many people say they want this jersey because they are die hard Man U or Chicharito fans. I'm not only these things, I'm more. I live in a city in the USA dominated by not just people that don't enjoy football (despite being an American, I still call it by it's proper name!) , but hate it. There's no respect for us "field fairies", but honestly, I don't care. I absolutely adore football, and nobody will stop me from showing it. I would love this jersey so I can support one of my favorite players this season (besides Torres of course, he's the best!)
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