• The Charlie Davies Story: In His Own Words

    Very, very inspirational story. Hope Charlie Davies can make it back to the U.S. national team and his French club FC Sochaux. Long live the stanky leg.

    In the fall of 2009, Charlie Davies was on top of the world, having just helped the U.S. national soccer team qualify for the World Cup. But on Oct. 13, everything changed. One day before the Yanks' final match of the qualifying round, Davies suffered severe injuries when the car in which he was riding crashed near Washington, D.C., killing a fellow passenger. Davies broke the fibula, tibia and femur of his right leg (stabilizing the limb required insertion of two titanium rods); tore a ligament in his left knee; fractured his left elbow, eye socket and nose; suffered serious head trauma; and lacerated his bladder.

    Nobody knew if he'd play again. Except Davies. Following a grueling rehab, the 24-year-old forward is back on the field with the reserve squad for Sochaux, his French pro club. His next goal: rejoin the first team. Though his coach says that won't happen until at least January, those familiar with Davies' injuries say it's a miracle he's playing at all. We asked him to detail his remarkable recovery.

    Read full story over at ESPN....

    Video of Charlie Davies before the car accident:

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